Environment Conservation Programme

(Since 2015)

The programme upskills small farmers in villages while making essential contribution to environment conservation.

About the programme

Farmers are the backbone of the Indian economy. Only if we take care of them, will our economy rise. At Light of Life Trust we take special care to make sure that the farmers are treated well and rightfully. The programme aims to provide an additional source of income to poor farmers with the distribution and close monitoring of fruit-bearing plants, and at the same time, to increase the green cover of the planet.

Poor farmers living in rural areas with small land holdings, and with agriculture as the prime source of income, are supported through this programme. As a result of this programme, several trees have been planted in rural areas and the farmers from economically weaker sections of the society have reaped immense benefits from it. They have become skilled and financially self-sufficient after learning sustainable farming practices through this programme. Many of them have also been recognized and awarded by their communities for their extra-ordinary efforts. It has also resulted in greater food security for the villagers. Also, these farmers can sell their plants and produce in cities to earn a better living.





Components of the Environment Conservation Programme

Distribution and close monitoring of fruit-bearing plants

Fruit-bearing saplings like Cashew, Jackfruit, Drumsticks, Mango, Custard Apple etc. are periodically distributed based on the season to the selected farmers. Since these samplings take 3 to 4 years to bear fruits our team closely monitors their growth ensuring a low mortality rate of the saplings and a higher yield.

Capacity-building trainings for farmers

Poor and needy farmers are empowered through skill development and capacity-building through partnerships with relevant institutions in the community. These farmers are trained in sustainable agriculture and rural development.

Best farming practices

The farmers are trained to follow best farming practices for profitable and environment-friendly agriculture. It combines biodiversity and eco-system management for sustainable fruit production.

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