Medical Mobile Unit

(Since 2012)

Our Medical Mobile Unit (MMU) provides primary health care services to remote and tribal villages, conducting health check-up camps as well as health awareness programmes.

In order to bridge the gap in primary healthcare infrastructure in remote villages and tribal areas of the country, we launched the Medical Mobile Unit (MMU) . The MMU is a primary healthcare unit on wheels that provides medical curative services at the doorsteps of the beneficiaries through periodic visits, at no or low cost. Also, it regularly organizes medical camps focused on educating the uneducated and ignorant masses about multiple health issues and encouraging them to adopt preventive care practices. The Medical Mobile Unit (MMU) team consists of a doctor/general physician, a nurse and a medical social worker.

Our MMUs organize numerous health camps and many vulnerable patients have been treated for common communicable diseases like cold, TB and other non-communicable diseases like cardiac ailments, bone and joint disorders, dental care and ophthalmic condition. Additionally, many more ailments have been prevented through extensive community sensitization and awareness activities, counselling about various health and hygiene issues, promotion of best practices, and implementation of preventive care measures amongst the beneficiaries.


Patients & Beneficiaries



Components of the Primary Healthcare Programme

Health camps for Anganwadis, schools, and villages

One of the major reasons for low retention and high dropouts in Anganwadi centers and schools is the ill health of children. The health camps organized by us through the MMU for the Anganwadi centers, schools and villages have played a vital role in creating better health and hygiene conditions for the impoverished children, men and women in these areas.

Hemoglobin screening camps

By providing accurate hemoglobin screening tests in a timely manner, we have prevented a lot of hemoglobin related disorders and it has become easier to detect those at risk.

Dental screening camps

We provide basic dental health education to the villagers and tribal populations through the MMUs which have led to strengthening of the oral health regime in the tribal hamlets and remote villages.

Eye screening camps

Our MMUs reach out to the villagers through eye screening and primary eye check-up camps to increase awareness about eye diseases and disorders like cataract, far- or near-sightedness, etc.

Cardiac camps

We conduct Cardiac camps in collaboration with hospitals and through these partner organizations provide a range of cardiac care facilities and treatments like angiography, angioplasty, open heart surgery, etc. to the patients suffering from various heart ailments.

Supplementary medicine distribution for underweight students/children

As per the National Family Health Survey (NHFS-4, 2015-16), 35.7% children below five years are underweight in the country, a composite indicator of child malnutrition, which in turn increases the risk of low energy levels and illness among these children. In order to supplement the diet of these children, the MMU distributes supplementary medicines.

Smokeless chulha (stove) distribution

A technological initiative towards healthier life, the smokeless chulhas ensure better health for the villagers, especially the women and children, who are otherwise exposed for prolonged hours to hazardous smoke of firewood, often used for cooking in the villages, to date. Under its primary healthcare initiative, the Light of Life Trust has distributed smokeless chulhas to many beneficiaries and prevented them from being victims of bad health.

Awareness Programme & Trainings

The focus of the awareness sessions is health and hygiene. Various sessions are conducted by us to address the health issues faced by the rural community brought on by the onset of different seasons.

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