Frequently Asked Questions

Light of Life Trust has directly touched the lives of many children and indirectly impacted hundreds of men & women, young & old, from low-income families in rural India over the last 13 years of its operations.

When was Light of Life Trust (LOLT) founded?

LOLT was founded in 2002 and it started its operations in 2005.

Is LOLT a registered NGO?

Light of Life Trust is registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 Vide Registration No E-20474 (Mumbai) on 27-09-2002

Who is the Founder of LOLT?

Ms Villy Doctor, a psychologist, educationist, therapist, and above all, a philanthropist is the Founder & Managing Trustee of LOLT.

What was the chief idea behind LOLT’s inception?

LOLT was founded with a vision to transform the lives of underprivileged rural communities in India.

What are the areas of LOLT's intervention?

LOLT is impacting rural lives in the areas of education, livelihoods training, primary health care and environment conservation.

What are the main projects of LOLT?

Anando and Jagruti are the two main projects of LOLT

Who are the core beneficiaries of LOLT?

The core beneficiaries of LOLT’s projects & programmes are the disadvantaged children, women, and youth from rural areas of India.

How many people has LOLT impacted?

LOLT has impacted over 2 lakhs lives, directly and indirectly, since inception. To know more about the impact of LOLT

Who can get involved with LOLT & how?

Individuals/institutions can participate in LOLT’s initiatives by working with the Trust full-time/part-time, as volunteers, through the Young Mentor Program, and/or by donating to our cause

Corporates can get involved with LOLT’s social activities through partnerships in CSR/HR/Marketing

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