Anando School Empowerment Programme

(Since 2012)

Schools are the nurturing grounds for us all. They build us into the individuals we eventually become. The empowerment programme often helps students to acquire skills, to improve communication, to instill self-confidence, motivation and strengthen interpersonal relationships to reach their greatest potential. It also curbs the dropout rates thereby adding to the economy and development of the country as a whole.

The Anando School Empowerment Programme (ASEP) was started in 2012 with the aim to enhance and strengthen school teachers in interactive classroom processes, effective modes of parent & community interactions which would lead to increased involvement and participation of all the key stakeholders in the child's life to ensure they are sustained on school to complete atleast their basic education.


Teachers Trained


Schools Covered


Secondary School Students

Components of the Anando School Empowerment Programme

Teachers’ training

Regular trainings and capacity building programmes are conducted throughout the academic year for the teachers. This ensures enhanced teacher involvement and engagement in classrooms. We conduct Shikshan Mahotsav which provides a shared platform for teachers from different schools to come together and collaborate.

Sensitization of school management

In order for them to understand the needs of a child, it is important that they empathise with the kids. To facilitate better planning, execution, and monitoring of school empowerment strategies and activities we sensitize the senior management and leadership teams at various schools.

Enhanced classroom processes

For better learning outcomes the teachers are empowered with techniques that help foster a spirit of collaboration and unison in classrooms. Various techniques like daily class plan preparation, modifications in sitting arrangement of students, and innovative participatory techniques are used.

Increased student involvement

For the proactive participation of students in the school empowerment plans and processes, the formation of Student Action Forum and Academic Support Groups have been initiated.

Academic subject training

Need based inputs in academic subjects are provided from time-to-time.

Enhanced teaching-learning aids

To improve the teaching-learning experience, teachers are equipped and trained to use modern teaching tools and methods – for instance visual aids, group discussions, enactment etc.

Counselling and ongoing home visits

Just like the fingers on our hand, no two kids are alike. So, each kid needs to be looked after with utmost care and each one's problems and issues understood individually. Teachers are trained to identify children who require special inputs

Encouraging best practices

Setting up of a suggestion box, notice board and better redressal mechanisms are some of the key best practices evolved and encouraged by the schools under this programme.

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