What if we told you that education isn’t just about going to school? What if we told you that even though you are a fully-grown adult you can gain further knowledge in specific fields? Well, we thought ahead of time and hence we put together a programme which would help the underprivileged to earn a living by their sheer talent and skill.

Project Jagruti was initiated to advance, develop, and empower the rural underprivileged communities with a special focus on women and young girls through three critical programmes - skilling and livelihood enhancement programmes, primary healthcare & environment conservation.

Livelihood Training

Since 2009

Our community centers train rural women, girls and unemployed youth from disadvantaged backgrounds and provides them employable skills which will lead to employment or entrepreneurship opportunities. view more

Medical Mobile Unit

Since 2012

Our Medical Mobile Unit (MMU) provides primary health care services to remote and tribal villages, conducting health check-up camps as well as health awareness programmes. We have also added the Dental Care Unit which will provide further healthcare to the underprivileged. view more

Environment Conservation Programme

Since 2015

While growing trees and saving the environment is one thing, conserving the environment while making a sustainable living is totally another. The environment conservation programme upskills small farmers in villages while making essential contribution to environment conservation. view more

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