Mr Viki Vidnesh Kavankar

Mr Viki Vidnesh kavankar "Officer" Indian Army

Mr Viki Vidnesh Kavankar a single parent child from Borli Center, Murud Tehsil, Raigad District. Even after his father passed away, his mother remained a constant source of support. With the help of Light of Life Trust, he was able to pass his SSC, and he committed and meticulously prepared for the difficult task of joining the Indian Army.

He moved to Alibaug after completing his HSC and enrolled for the Bachelor of Arts degree, where he is currently studying in SYBA. He consistently practised on the field and attempted the written exams over the last two years. This year, he took the Army entrance exam for the first time and was successfully added to the final selection list. This marks a significant turning point in his life as he has been accepted into the Indian Army, and he has started the last paperwork step that would pave the way for the future.

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