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Spreading The Light Of Life

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” – Edith Wharton


We at Light of Life Trust have always believed in being a candle and fortunately, our students have been the mirrors that reflect our ideologies and teachings, joining us year after year in our fight against poverty.


One such student is Vishal Anil Ahire, from Shahada in Nandurbar District, Maharashtra. Born to an impoverished family, Vishal had three siblings, and his father, being an uneducated carpenter, found it hard to make ends meet.

While Vishal’s older brother dropped out of school and did odd jobs to support his family, Vishal feared that he might have to follow in his footsteps, but destiny had other plans for him when he was introduced to our Trust’s Project Anando. Hailing from a community that spoke Ahirani, the lack of understanding the Marathi language stood as an obstacle in his way, but Vishal was up to the challenge!

With guidance from Project Anando’s teachers and sheer perseverance, Vishal not only overcame his fear of the language but went on to score 71% in his SSC examinations, securing a second rank at school. Realising his own potential, he dared to dream and pursued an Interior Design Diploma in his hometown, where his teachers further encouraged him to set up his own business.

Today, Vishal is spreading the Light of Life by employing the underprivileged, who just like him, are determined to stand on their own feet. Managing to pay off his father’s debts and advising his family on important matters, he is now considered the head of the house.


While Vishal and so many others let the light reach far and wide, our faith in humanity is restored when society, as a whole, helps us lift the light higher, strengthening its flame. Most recently our esteemed Founder Trustee Villy Doctor, whose long-standing vision has been to develop rural communities through a holistic approach, i.e. integrating education, empowerment and employability, ran the Dream Run at the Tata Mumbai Marathon 2019. For the Fourth year in a row, she raised funds on behalf of Light of Life Trust on United Way of Mumbai’s crowdfunding campaign.

This year was made all the more special, as she succeeded in raising over Rs. 1 Crore and was conferred with the title of the Change Legend. This title will remain in the history of the Mumbai Marathon. Villy Doctor and our entire LOLT Team are overwhelmed with the donors’ generous response and pledge our continued efforts in the fight against poverty.


While our team continues to enrich and empower lives, there is nothing more reassuring than knowing that so many of you support us and stand by us while making a difference in society. Helping us spread The Light of Education, The Light of Employment and most importantly, The Light of Life.





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  1. Ramesh Daswani

    Very inspiring!! Team LOLt please Keep up the good work there are millions of such Vishal’s in the waiting for u to hold their hand


    Ramesh Daswani

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