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When Dreams Take Flight

The worst kind of poverty is that of feeling lonely which, unfortunately, Atish dealt with early on while facing financial hardships as well. Having lost his mother at a young age, Atish was forced to move out of his home in Karle, Alibaug, and live with his maternal relatives in Zirad, when his own father disowned him, choosing to tend only to his older son’s needs.

While Atish was fortunate enough to grow up with an uncle who treated him as his own, when the farmers’ plight in Maharashtra worsened, his family too succumbed to hard times. His uncle couldn’t afford to educate his three children, while clearing mounting bills owing to his father’s ailments, and yet taking care of Atish’ needs.

But like they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. None of this dampened Atish’ spirit, who was determined to make it on his own. All his ambitions and aspirations saw the light of day when he was our chosen to be a beneficiary of Light of Life Trust in 2010. Initially reticent, Atish soon became an active participant of our numerous workshops, competitions and group discussions and went on to become an outstanding performer at talent festivals and sports events. What he lacked in rote learning, he made up for with his diligence and eagerness to excel.

After clearing his school exams with 46%, Atish went on to pursue Commerce and then studied a business-oriented course. Following it up with a two-year I.T.I. course in Motor Mechanics paid off well, when Atish was awarded an internship at the esteemed Tata Motors.

Noticing his skills and efficiency, coupled with a good amount of practical knowledge in his field, Godrej Private Limited Company offered him a permanent job with an annual package of over Rs. 1 lakh; a good amount to support his needs along with his family’s.

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Getting the much-needed financial and emotional support from our field team at the right time, coupled with some kindness and a confidence boost, was all it took for Atish to stay driven and fight the perils of poverty and achieve his goal.

We, at Light of Life Trust, along with our well-wishers, are proud to see Atish rise above all odds and make a name for himself!



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