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About Light of Life Trust

Breaking the Generational Cycle of Poverty, One Life at a Time.

Light of Life Trust India is a non-profit organization working toward Education, Skill Development and Empowerment of communities in rural India.

Founded by the esteemed Villy Doctor in 2002, Light of Life Trust’s vision is to develop and support rural communities through a holistic approach leading to education, empowerment and employability.

Light of Life Trust’s activities have benefited over 200,000 people so far. Its active intervention programmes include:

Project Anando: Reinstating drop-outs in school and equipping them with skills to lead productive lives.

Project Jagruti: A model community that works on various levels to promote synergy and interdependence between the units.

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  1. Sanjiv Swarup

    Super initiative

  2. Dr Sharad Kokate

    excellent rural social activities. visited once and assured all my support for the free dental treatment of needy ones..thanks n best wishes .

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