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Charitable Resolutions for the New Year

Every New Year’s Eve, we determine to make the next year better than the last. We promise ourselves that we’ll eat healthier, get more exercise, save more money, and make more friends. Yet, a month into the resolutions we slowly start to wean off. Why is that?

Trace those New Year’s resolutions through the years, and you’ll notice an unequivocal pattern. All the resolutions we do are inwardly directed. They are self-made agreements to revamp our health, our body images, and our own self-perceived inadequacies. While there’s nothing wrong with self-improvement, it may seem like our resolutions are missing a vital component.

If we truly want to make our this year better than the last, maybe our New Year’s resolution shouldn’t be to focus on ourselves but to enhance the lives of others. And you can do that by either volunteering for Light of Life Trust or by donating towards it. At Light of Life Trust, there are various ways through which you can become a part of it. We have centres across most Western parts of India. If you live near any of our centres, choose to be a volunteer at any of them. You can teach, you can help with vocational courses as well as you can just help the beneficiaries may be secure a higher education or get a job.

If you don’t live anywhere around the areas, what you can also do is become a donor. Every month, donate whatever little you can to enrich another life. This way you will be contributing to the society at large. Invest in the lives of these children, and help them build their future. There is nothing more satisfying than donating a part of your earnings to enrich someone else’s life. If you really have the urge to do this, get in touch with us. Click on link to donate

There is another way you can contribute to the cause by asking your relatives and friends in USA to shop on Amazon. 0.5% of the purchase goes to the charity of your choice, in this case, Light of Life Trust. Click on link to buy

While New Year resolutions can be plenty, sharing and being there for others is more satisfying than doing something just for yourself. After all, helping others doesn’t just benefit the recipient. It pays dividends to your health, happiness, and well-being too.

Don’t wait too long. Work on that resolution today

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