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Donate for a cause during Diwali 

When you have sufficient, give. When you have abundant, give more. And do so with humility, compassion and love. Light up as many people’s Diwali as you can.

In this festive season when finery and lights sparkle all around, sweets and dry fruits are exchanged, fire crackers worth thousands of rupees burned in a few minutes, how hard it must be to not partake in any of it because celebration is beyond one’s means. Diwali, or Deepawali, the time to spread light and love is also a time of abundance — for those who can afford it. And for those who cannot you can make it worthy for them by contributing to their cause. 

Here are 5 reasons why donating during Diwali is a good cause: 

Giving to charity makes you feel good.

Giving to charity strengthens personal values. 

Giving is more impactful during festive season.

Giving to charity introduces your children to the importance of generosity.

Giving to charity encourages friends and family to do the same. 

However the biggest donation of them all is to donate towards education. When you educate someone you make them self-sufficient. Donate towards our student beneficiaries this Diwali season. 

Be your generous self and contribute to the cause of educating children with Light of Life Trust. Click link to contribute

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