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Fighting the Pandemic Woes

It’s a dark world out there but we always believe in the Light of Life. We believe that the light of life will overpower the darkness cast upon by the pandemic.

The pandemic may have disturbed all our lives but the fact of the matter is at Light of Life Trust we have started getting back into action slowly but steadily. The situation hasn’t deterred us from providing to our students and beneficiaries the much needed support and care.

So wherever possible we have started courses keeping the social distancing and hygiene norms in mind. In fact, recently we had a meet arranged for parents at the Ahmednagar Centre along with their children to make them understand the importance of education and also help them understand how education will be imparted during these difficult times. Some of our teachers and social workers have already started online courses for this year with their students. The students are slowly adjusting to these new ways. While these steps are taken for Anando students, the Anando Plus students too are being taken care of.
Our teachers and social workers are making sure that this time be made use of and the students of Anando Plus are provided with online information on how to enrol for hospitality management or the auxiliary midwife course. A lot of options of new jobs are being presented to them so they can make a wise choice when it comes to their career.
The monsoon season has also made sure that our environment conservation beneficiaries too return to their fields again keeping all the pandemic norms in mind. They are growing some new plants and are trying to make their living.
However, the pandemic has certainly disrupted lives to a large extent and it is taking more time now for our beneficiaries to get back on their feet. So here we appeal to the privileged ones to help each person in need. May be it’s a Rural student who needs go to school or pursue his higher education (
or a child needs nutritious healthy food (
or a woman needs to empower her skills and make the most of this time by creating a self sustaining business from the confines of her home ( You can surely do your bit to help them out.
All it takes is a click on any of these links and your generous donation to any or all of these causes.
Change begins when we begin to change. Let’s make an effort today to help those in need in whatever little way we can.

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