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Festive Gifting

What do we mostly do during the festival season? Get our house done up, buy new clothes, make good food and most importantly meet and greet our friends and family. The festival season is upon us but this time around the festivals are going to be a tad different. 2020 has taught us a lot and one of the lessons its taught us is to be resilient and giving at the same time.

While we may be thinking that our lives have turned upside down this year, we must spare a thought for those who have been more affected than us. Our beneficiaries in the rural areas have been without education. They haven’t been able to go to schools. Our social workers have tried their level best to impart education through digital mediums but its been a challenge.

Most of our student beneficiaries do not have any kind of digital device – computer, tablet or a smartphone – from where they can digitally learn. They are in need of a device in order to study regularly from their respective homes. Coming from poverty stricken backgrounds, most of them cannot afford to invest in a device themselves.

So how do we solve this problem for them? Can we do something that will make their life simpler? This festival season let us all pledge to help those in need. Since we will all be confined to our homes this festival season, lets make the most of it and light up someone else’s life. Let us pledge to donate towards digital devices which can help students study on a regular basis.

In order to help our students and to donate for their computers, tablets and smartphones,

you can click on this link –

Festivals are a time to spread cheer and joy. Let’s spread happiness by helping those in most need. Because when we give, we get.

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