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Adapting to the new NORMAL

The Covid-19 fight isn’t yet over. The cases are on the rise and the lockdown also seems to be extending in most parts of India. But as we all know we cannot continue to live like this forever. Sooner than later we will have to go back to our lives. But can we go back to the lives we once lived? Can we normalise life again? We believe not.

The normal is going to change – and we will have to adapt it in various ways in our life. At Light of Life Trust too we believe in teaching our beneficiaries and everyone else to adapt to the changing times. What does adapt mean? In simple terms, it means to grow with the times, to grow with the limitations life throws at us.

At Light of Life Trust, we are in constant touch with our beneficiaries in order to tell them that we are there for them, lest they need any kind of support. We have encouraged our beneficiaries, over the last two months to partake in activities which are beyond the normal routine they had earlier. Our teachers and volunteers have taken it upon themselves to help beneficiaries in every way possible.

Two months back, we first started with counselling, where two of our doctors, Dr. Geetanjalee Rao Hajare and Dr. Hemant Ghude did telephone counselling services and made our beneficiaries and villagers aware about coronavirus and how exactly they need to tackle it. Our social workers also emphasised on the need for hygiene and made sure that each of our beneficiaries was explained its importance. We encouraged our beneficiaries to sew masks as a source of income for them as well as to provide masks to villagers who were deprived of it.

Our teachers took to online mediums to impart studies as well as extra curriculars and made sure that the students did not lose out on time during the lockdown. The social workers are constantly in touch with the beneficiaries and are making sure that our students adapt to the new normal.

The world around us is not going to be the same again and we got to accept that. The lockdown will slowly ease out but what is most important is to make sure that the hygiene stands are maintained. We continue to maintain social distancing, step out only when needed and when you do, cover your face with masks and hands with gloves. Welcome to the new normal!

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