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E-learning is the way forward

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc across the globe, and brought every sector in the world to a screeching halt. It forced companies and organisations to rethink their way of working, especially educational institutions. At a time when classes were unceremoniously suspended, and exams postponed, the onus of implementing innovative solutions, and going digital to combat the situation, fell on educational institutions.

At Light of Life Trust we took to e-learning or virtual education right from the very beginning. Our teachers made sure that they started imparting education to our beneficiaries over the phone. Not only were regular classes conducted, we also made sure that students had one on one access to the teachers. Besides regular studies, extra curricular activities like music, art and craft was also taught through the e-learning process.

Seeing the keen interest of our students in this medium we started a campaign in order to collect funds for buying computers and tablets for our students. We started by giving tablets to our Worli centre students and right now we are in the process of procuring tablets for our other centre students as well.

While e-learning or online education is growing steadying at Light of Life Trust we need your support to grow in that direction. If you want to donate a tab or a computer do get in touch with us.

Contact Sheela Iyer +91 98202 29445 or Keith Lobo +91 98213 82102

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