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Spirit of the beneficiaries

Summer season has indeed got sun and shine back into the lives of our beneficiaries. Ever since the pandemic struck us in March 2020 there has been a gloom that surrounded us. But the social workers and employees of Light of Life Trust never let this affect their work or the lives of our beneficiaries. And now with things looking up a bit they have started more activities in full gusto.

The various centres of Light of Life Trust are in their own way trying to bring back the zing in all the activities. The summer activities that have commenced across centres have seen beneficiaries in full attendance. The activities ranging from music to drawing to poster making on Covid awareness.

These activities not only add to the extra curricular activities of our beneficiaries but also make sure that our beneficiaries are thinking on their feet and generating ideas that are out of the box.

The online and virtual learning sessions also provide them with the confidence that they can do better with their lives. These activities also teach them to look beyond the traditional medium of books and education.

Besides summer activities, the centres are also conducting activities like water wheels distribution to the women farmers, plant distribution to farmers as part of the environment conservation programme and also hygiene kit and sanitary kit distribution.

It is extremely encouraging to see the response of the beneficiaries towards these activities. They aren’t just taking part in it wholeheartedly but they are also making sure that they use all these facilities provided to them diligently.

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